Sorry for the lack of updates recently. And no, I haven’t died. Will revive my blog as soon as the internet service is up at my new place. For now, I’ll have to settle for the occasional updates from a uni computer lab. T___T

p/s: A cockroach visited my room last night. I nearly woke everyone up with my screams I think. Ahem.

6 thoughts on “Oopsie

  1. lol…
    i still remember going to a sleep over at the church,
    killed a total of 5 cockroaches,
    and we had to sleep on the floor ._.

    and i tot u were lost in a jungle or something
    at least u can post something .. lol

  2. Kritz: O.O I’d freak out. Big time. Lol… don’t worry, I’m not lost. 😛

    unstable: Haha… I ran out of my room pronto.

    brian: Please lar… you just got back home that time. You weren’t even asleep yet.

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