Of fireworks, friends who last forever, gigantic balls, new year and everything in between

I had a great celebration with my friends to usher in the new year. Spending time catching up with all of them, going shopping in my stupid heels, counting down to new year, and watching the fireworks display… I’ve been so busy this few days I hadn’t even got time to come online and blog. I think I wasn’t home most of the time since Saturday.

It was a great weekend. I finally met up with the nutter who spent overnight in a shopping mall to get me a book that I wanted. Watched the National Treasure, which is a great movie by the way, and went for lunch in Itallianies. I’ve never tried Itallianies before despite my love for pasta. I was kinda shocked when the spaghetti meatball we ordered arrived. The meatballs were bigger than my fist! The food was not bad, but the best part is that it’s free! 😛 One thing good about going off to another place to study, you get free meals. 😀

Spent a lot of time catching up with my old friends, after months of not seeing each other, it’s amazing that once we met up with each other, it was as if we’ve never been apart. Squeals and chattering and catching up on each other’s lives… we were easily the noisiest of the lot. I love my friends!

Then we met up again on new year’s eve to watch the fireworks display at The Curve at night. It was so crowded! Everywhere we went, there were people milling about. Spent almost all my money buying stuff I didn’t really need and walked till my feet almost fell off and died. I swear, I’m never going to wear heels to go shopping next time. After walking for what seems like forever, it still wasn’t midnight. No more going out at 6 for count down for me. Definitely not.

The 5 of us shared a quart of Baskin Robbins to waste time since everything else was overpriced and Baskin Robbins had their monthly promotion on that day. Imagine paying RM85 just to get into Laundry! And by the looks of it, even if we paid and went in, there wouldn’t be place to sit anyway. There’s something special about sharing a pint of ice-cream with your girl friends… makes it sweeter somehow. 🙂

Oh, and I met Apple and her boyfriend in The Curve too! They’re so lovey-dovey! Heh… was nice bumping into them. The highlight of the day was definitely the fireworks display! Words simply cannot describe their beauty. If you stayed home and rot that day, I’d say it was such a pity because you’d probably had to wait till next year to catch the awesome display of fireworks again. I absolutely love fireworks. I find them magical. The way they shot into the sky, illuminating the inky darkness. ❤

Another reason I had such a great time was because I didn’t have a curfew that day. 😛 I promised my mom I would be back around 2am but she didn’t even got mad at me when I reached home at almost four in the morning! We went for a bite since the traffic was an absolute nightmare and we were starving anyway. 😛 Can you believe that it takes almost an hour to travel a distance of around 10km? -____- Thank goodness I wasn’t driving.

There’re some other things I didn’t mention because it’s been more than 24hours since it happened and my memory is fantastic so everything is blurred. So, that’s it and I gotta go and nurse my poor feet and continue packing as I’m leaving on the 3rd of January! Which is less than 24 hours away. Let’s hope I don’t leave anything important behind…

May this year be better than the last and may my wish finally come true. Happy happy new year everyone!!!

5 thoughts on “Of fireworks, friends who last forever, gigantic balls, new year and everything in between

  1. Happy New Year to you too~
    Wow, I can see that you really enjoyed that day.
    I haven’t went to any place to count down and see fire works before ._.
    And meatballs at the size of your fist?
    Either your fist is reeaally small, or … O.O
    You reach home 4am, wow.

  2. Kritz: You’ll get your chance someday! 😀 Trust me, the meatballs are HUGE. ._.

    unstable: Happy new year! Aww… sick during new year’s eve? 😦

    Apple: Hahaha… No need sleep at all ar? 😛

    ah phen: Lol. xP Okay, nicie.

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