Yea, got back my results. I expected worse… so it kinda exceeded my expectations when I got to know my results. Still, a lil grumpy… No one to blame except for myself. I probably should have put a bit more effort back in semester 1. Though I wonder why the CGPA’s kinda weird. When I calculated it myself, the CGPA was higher. But the official one’s lower, albeit by only a bit. Oh well… *shrugs*

It’s almost new year’s day. I haven’t got any plans yet. But I expect I’ll be too busy packing and stuff this few days to plan anything. Sigh, why is it that time is never enough when you need it most? I wanna drink my last starbucks before I leave. I wanna buy a pair of heels that I had wanted to buy since forever. I wanna go for one more shopping trip to splurge all I can, because I can’t possibly splurge on anything once I’m in Kampar. There’re so many things I wanna do but there just isn’t enough time to do em all. Gah, why Kampar… at least Ipoh is better than Kampar ain’t it. -_-

With less than a week to savour what remains of my city life, I should be out there enjoying it to the fullest rather than being cooped up in my house all day don’t you think? Instead, I’m sitting here, staring blankly at the laptop screen. Argh, I wanna go out!

Damn curfew.

10 thoughts on “Le-sigh

  1. -sqiang- : It’s important to me! 😛

    Kritz: Haha… the grading system in my uni. 😛 Yea I did! Loads!

    Apple: Hehe… I calculated coz I wasn’t satisfied ma. 😛 Wah… why mention about my birthday followed by evil laughters? Scarynya…

    slowcatchupkuan: Yea, I did went out! 😀 Happy new year to you too!

    Brian: Eh, since when I said I got good results?!

    netster: Same to you! 😀

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