I’ve made up my mind.

I should be taking the double room, if nothing goes wrong. Hopefully nothing will. -.- Anyway, leaving in January. Around 3rd if I’m not mistaken… I have no idea what to bring. I expect a girl who packs an entire suitcase full of clothes for a 2 days 1 night trip will have A LOT of trouble packing for 3 years living in another state.

So, any suggestions? Aside from the usual clothes and toothbrush kinda stuff I mean.

8 thoughts on “I’ve made up my mind.

  1. YAHOO!!!cherrie will b stayin wif us…..lol…bring half of ur stuff.Bring clothes u like 2wear cuz when u return 2kl at least got somethin 2wear.then rmb to bring things dat u really need,like toothbrush,toothpaste,comb,shampoo,bath soap,some food(maggie mee o snack o etc),some ladies stuff.Some of the important stuff dat u tink is important 😉 like dat lor.But by the time u pack all d stuff its gonna b like few pack of bags.LOL.Jz like me.I also need to start packing d.

  2. you’re staying in our house! *big wet eyes* yeayyy!

    haha omg packing. i have to start that by this week already. uhm uhm just bring some clothing staples, like a few pairs of jeans and skirts, and lotsa tops! pyjamas and underwear too. whenever u go back to kl u can gradually bring more clothes with you haha.

    @apple: lol pro in packing edi yeah xD

  3. Apple & Pohnee: Hehe… thanks ya. 🙂 Might have to stock up on stuffs before I go though. But I can’t bring too much… if not I’ll occupy the entire room lol. >.<

    Keili: Haha… yea thinking of bringing that too. 😛

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