Help me out people. I need suggestions. Okay, here’s the thing. Told my parents about the room in Kampar. I have 2 options.

Double room
1. I have to share my room with an unknown roommate.
2. But, I can at least share the same house with all my friends.

Single room
1. I can have a single room to myself.
2. But I have to share a house with a bunch of strangers.

So, if you were me, what would you choose? Double or single room? 😦

21 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. All picking single room eh? o.o But I’m gonna miss sharing a house with my friends! 😦 Though the thought of having a stranger as a roommate is not very appealing…

    watermelon: Can’t stand my house. And the restrictions. -_-“

  2. im a little different from the others… i would chose the double room… cause sharing a room with a stranger sounds better then sharing a house with a bunch of strangers… besides if there’s anything, your frens can help since u guys all live under one roof…

  3. unstable: I have a similar mindset with you actually. 😛 But I really like my privacy. So, yea, dilemma.

    Kritz: I have no idea how their system works. o.o And all my girl friends already reserved single rooms. Only left guys who booked double rooms… My parents will murder me before I move into a room with a guy… -______-

    Phen: Uh… you told me so many things in sms. o.o How to remember? 😛

  4. actually there still is one single room left. except tht it’s on the ground floor and there isn’t an adjoining toilet. ur parents don’t allow u to take the whole double room to yourself?

  5. Kritz: What if it rains? Thunderstorm? *bigweteyes*

    watermelon: LOL. Uh, red rose… not from Kampar.

    pohnee: Yea I know about the single room downstairs. But I don’t like having to walk half naked out to bath everytime. -_- My parents say RM380 is too expensive! Sob.

  6. if it was me… i think i’ll take the single room because

    1) i’ll need privacy. if i emo then i can close the door and be alone in the room
    2) i can’t do work with people looking at me
    3) i don like cleaning up after other ppl lor if the roomate is messy
    4) if i’m at college all the time i don think i’ll be at home much so stranger as housemate also nvm lor
    5) if i wan to be with frens i can go look for them wat but if i wan privacy where to get haha

    but it depends on your thinking also lor and ur timetable. if u think ur timetable will always cause u to stay at home then u pick the sharing room wan lar. at least not so sien ma.

  7. i ll pick the single room too!

    privacy is the most important thing lo. even though your friends wont be under the same roof. and i cannot imagine sharing my personal space with someone new..

    hmmm, i believe you have your pick already. its up to you, privacy or friends?

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