I knew it

I knew it. I really did know it. I knew I wouldn’t be this lucky. First it was Jeremy, then Brian… I thought I would be able to escape this time. Who was I kidding anyway? Sigh, I got it. I caught the flu bug yet again. The sore throat is killing me. I hate being sick.

I’ve one wish for Christmas. Just one. To be able to live my life the way I want to. Not how others want me to live it. I really hope that my wish will come true. Just this once. I’m tired of people dictating the way I should live my life. I just wished they’d let me decide for myself how I want to lead my life.

Some people tell me it is because they care for me, and they’re afraid of letting me make my own decisions lest I make mistakes. But how do I learn if I don’t even have to chance of making a mistake at all? It is suffocating trying to live up to others’ expectations. It is tiring to try and be the person that they want me to be. I am exhausted. Truly, I am. So, can you please let me live my own life, just this once?

Edit: By the way, who was the ‘test test test’ person who applied to be my boyfriend eh? >.> Haha… I had a good laugh over the applications though. 😛

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