Anyone interested in going on a shopping spree with me?

I just found a fantastic site. They sell clothes!!!

No, scratch that… They sell cheap clothes!!!

Check this out, Shopaholics Unite! See, even the name is cool! 😀

They’re having a shopping party this coming Sunday in Sri Hartamas. Full map is available at their site.

From 11am till 2pm. And only cold hard cash is accepted.

Who wants to go with me? I need company. Keke…

Pwetty pweease? *bigweteyes*


Been raining like crazy these few days. I think the rain kinda reflects my mood. I like the rain. I like standing in the rain, soaked to the bone, if I won’t get flu afterwards. But the gloominess of it all is starting to rub off me.

I went to class today, being an emo-queen. I don’t know why. I just walked into the class and suddenly felt like I’m not in the mood of putting on my mask to face the world today. Although I’d like to thank my friends for their various attempts (albeit lame ones) at making me laugh. I really appreciate it guys.

For some reasons that I couldn’t fathom, rainy days put me into an especially reflective mood. Or should I say emo mood? Since most of my reflections will cause me to emo when I look back at my miserably twisted life. Sigh. Emoness.

9 thoughts on “Eh…

  1. slowcatchupkuan: Haha…I have problems with my cold hard cash as well. They seem to be disappearing all the time. 😦

    pohnee: Aww… Well, hundred might be enough to splurge a tiny lil bit. 😛

    brian: what what? Kenot meh…Gal is like that wan lar…

    -sqiang-: Hahaha…romantic? Later 2 fall sick together. xD Wanna go shopping. But lack $ and company. 😦

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