One Day

I guess 8 months of crazy fun hair colours is enough for now.

I’ll miss it so very much. One day I shall have crazy head-turning hair colours again.


#2 Taiwan 2014

#3 Taiwan 2014

#4 Taiwan 2014

#5 Krabi 2014

#6 Krabi

#7 Doraemon Expo 2014





Back to blending in.


Singapore 2014

Yay! Finally getting around to blogging about the trip 6 months later! Better late than never wtf.

Went to the land of Merlion with Jascinta, Jeffrey and Sharon back in March and everything was painfully expensive. But we had fun! And I have pictures to prove it! :D

(Warning: 88 photos ahead)

Day 1 was spent exploring the Resorts World Casino and the Sentosa beach area.

#1 Hello! With the famous USS globe.

#2 This is Sharon, my partner for the day as the other two has left us to go dating at the Aquarium.

#3 Casino. We don’t gamble so not much of an attraction to us.

#4 Just me being a tourist.

#5 Sentosa Merlion!




#9 None of us was dressed for the beach. :(

#10 The girls!

Abrupt end to the day because there are no more pictures and I can’t remember what else we did as it happened half a year ago. Yay. Awesome blogger.

Day 2 was Universal Studios Singapore day! I love theme parks! Woo!

#11 Poor Jeff had to be the photographer.


#13 Jascinta & Jeffrey. :)

#14 Sharon & I.

#15 Crazy queue while waiting for the theme park to open.

#16 And we’re in!


#18 Didn’t wanna queue for a photo so here’s a random dude with the Monster of Frankenstein.

#19 Group photo!

#20 New York.

#21 Here’s us rushing off to the roller coaster so that we wouldn’t have to queue. Happy to report that we managed to go on it twice with zero queue. Whee!

#22 Ancient Egypt!

#23 Even had time to take touristy shots as there was no line for the Revenge of the Mummy ride.

More random theme park shots:




#27 Bumblebee!

#28 AllSpark.

#29 Going in for the ride!

#30 I was deeply, deeply unhappy about the Battlestar Galactica not being operational. So I took a picture with it as consolation. :(

#31 It was THE ONE RIDE I was most looking forward to. *sad face*

#32 Going into the Lost World.

#33 T-Rex fossil in the Discovery Food Court. I had the famous Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice which was not too bad, especially judging by normal theme park food standards.

#34 Witnessed a live dinosaur! Gasp!

#35 WaterWorld show.

#36 We then walked far far away to reach Far Far Away!

#37 Here we are!

#38 I like the deco in this part of the theme park. :)

#39 Us with the Fairy Godmother!




#43 Entrance to the Donkey Live Show. Attractions in this part of the park is very very tame.

#44 The castle!


#46 Here’s me, posing for a photo.

#47 Here’s Sharon, taking said posed photo.

#48 Stinky onion carriage.

#49 Enchanted Airways.

#50 Very reassuring sign.

#51 And we’re off to Madagascar!

#52 If you say so…

#53 Here’s King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round.

#54 Sharon with Marty.

#55 I was with the Penguins.

#56 Selfie while waiting for the ride to start.

#57 Jeffrey with King Julien? and Jascinta with Melman.

#58 Skipper & I!

#59 Next up: Sesame Street in New York.

#60 L-R: Jeff, Cookie Monster, Sharon, Big Bird, Jas, and Oscar The Grouch (had to Google who he is since I have never watched Sesame Street wtf).

#61 Elmo’s head got cut off.

#62 Our legs got cut off.

#63 Ta-da!

Off to Hollywood!

#64 Population: Glamorous.

#65 Let’s try that again. Population: Glamorous!





#69 Monster Rock!

#70 Yes yes, lens not wide enough to capture everything so it’s either I sacrifice the head or our legs. I refuse to make the choice so you get both photos.


#72 Po!

#73 Po bullying me. -_- All I did was say bye to him.



#76 Checked out Orchard Road at night.

End of a fun and tiring day!

Day 3

#77 En route to Chinatown!



#78 Too early so nothing opened yet.

#79 No idea what temple this is but looked quite nice from the outside.

#80 Maxwell Road Hawker Centre is apparently famous for their various hawker fare. Again, we were too early so most stalls have not opened yet. Maybe they only start operating at noon?

#81 This is the famous porridge stall with an insane queue. A huge part of the queue is also thanks to how slowly the stall proprietors work. Totally not worth queuing up for an hour for. -_- I have had better.

#82 This is the lamest lamest lamest “museum” ever in the history of lame museums. The “artifacts” are basically all in the tiny display you see in the photo. Yeap, in that tiny rectangular space. That’s it.

#83 Stalls have opened after our breakfast. Didn’t buy anything since they’re all just to cheat ang moh tourists wtf.

#84 Random MRT doodles.

#85 Went to the casino in Marina Bay Sands where Sharon & I lost $20 and drank lots of bottled waters because bottled waters in Singapore are not cheap (but we are).

#86 Checked out Bugis Street.

#87 Random chocolate lava cake with ice-cream after lunch.

#88 Changi Airport deco!

And that’s all for my quick Singapore getaway! It’s great to travel with awesome travel buddies. :)




Fairy Tales

I grew up with fairy tales. Listening to them being read to me, reading about them myself, watching movies about princesses and pirate ships.

I used to think that all a little girl would want is a prince charming, a knight in shining armour on his majestic steed riding into the sunset with her. Saving her from a lifetime of evil stepmothers and witches.

I used to want my very own prince charming. Someone to save me. From what? From reality, I guess. I wanted someone to give me my own fairy tale.

Then I grew up. Really grew up. And so the delusion has shattered into a million shiny little pieces. Like glass, glittering in the sand.

I realised I do not want a knight in shining armour after all. I do not need a knight in shining armour.

What I want, is a comrade in battle. Someone who will let me fight my own wars. Someone who will be there to back me up when I’m too overwhelmed.

It’s okay, for me to not have my own fairy tale. It’s okay, for me to not be a princess. It’s okay, as long as I have a fellow comrade by my side to slay dragons together.


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times.

I’m just about the most fucking insecure person you can ever meet. And I really don’t need anyone further undermining what little bit of self confidence I have.

I’m fucking aware of my own damn shortcomings, thank you very much.


Debbie Downer

Dealing with negativity exhausts me.
Dealing with people who always act like they know it all exhausts me.
Dealing with people who need constant reassurance exhausts me.
Dealing with people who always have some drama of some sorts exhausts me.

Basically, dealing with someone who is a lot like me exhausts me.

I don’t want or need this. I get plenty of this shit from myself, thank you very much.

Forcing myself to deal with someone like that will just means I’m burning myself out for no good reason.

I’m already feeling burnt. I don’t want anymore of this nonsense. There’s a reason why I like to be with people who aren’t Debbie Downers all the freaking time. I don’t have a huge reserve of positivity to dole out to every random Tom, Dick, or Harry. I’d rather just keep that tiny reserve for myself because I’m selfish like that.

If you expect a motivational coach in me 24/7, you’re gonna have a bad time.


I hate being late to important things. Especially if it isn’t my fault to begin with.

The feeling of helplessness and frustration kills me. Yet, here I am, unable to do a damn thing about it.

Seems to be a rather regular occurrence nowadays. Unfortunately.

Oh Murphy’s Law, why do you have to be such a bitch?