Retail Adventures

While scouting prices for a computer in a mall.

Shop 1
Guy: English?
Us: *nods*
Guy: *starts speaking in Cantonese*
Us: *completely baffled*

Shop 2
Guy: Do you know how fast I drive around this area (full of shop houses)? 150km/h!
Us: Uh huh…
Guy: That’s nothing! I drive 350km/h on the highway!

No idea what kind of super car a shop assistant drives because our car’s maximum speed is only around 200km/h.

Also in shop 2.

I was Googling something on my phone while the shop assistant was explaining something about computer parts to my brother.

Guy: *aggressively to me* What are you taking pictures of?!
(The entire shop is just filled with computer parts…)
Me: Uh. I wasn’t taking pictures! *shows him my phone screen with Google on it* Why would I wanna take pictures of anything here? I’d rather take pictures of myself.
Guy: *abrupt change of attitude* Oh I was just joking. Why are you getting so angry? Chill!

Wtf. If there’s a sure fire way of getting me angry/angrier, it’s to ask me to chill/relax/stop being so angry.

Needless to say, they didn’t get our business.


And so… February is here. Chinese New Year holiday is over. And the inevitable has arrived. I should probably start job hunting soon but I love being a jobless hermit who sits at home with nothing to do and no where to go.

And I’m not sure how well prospective employers will take to girls with purple hair. Seeing that I’ve yet to fail a job interview before, this should be an interesting experience.

If only I can not work and still have money. Sigh.


Hello! First photos of my 25-year old mug and all taken by my awesome new camera – Ollie!

Ollie is my Olympus E-PL5 which was a Christmas gift from me to me. :D I’ll do a post on Ollie when I’m not so lazy. But for now, let’s get on with the rest of the post, shall we?

Me in the car with my unruly hair. My new bicycle in the background! :D

Lunch was at Wakon @ Damansara Utama, just a few doors away from my Japanese class.

Salmon sashimi was fresh and served in relatively thick slices. Wasabi wasn’t impressive though.

Gyoza was not oily, which is a good thing.

Cherry tomatoes wrapped in bacon. Not a very Japanese dish but was quite good nonetheless.

I think this was wagyu something something. Didn’t like it.

Ramen with pork soft bone/cartilage? I can’t remember but it was alright with the exception of the pork being way too sweet. I don’t like my pork tasting like candy.

Ramen is served with a soft boiled egg which was quite flavourful.

Baked potato in cheese. Not a fan.

Grilled pork neck was surprisingly tender and juicy.

Went to check out Setia City Mall in Shah Alam. Mall is nothing special but they have a really big park outside with people blowing soap bubbles and whatnot. The water feature is quite nice though.

Dinner at Nosh @ Bangsar.

I forgot to take photos of the food and service was bad. Not planning to revisit any time soon.

Was surprised with birthday cupcakes from Bisou Bake Shop!

Top row L-R: Lychee rose, Red velvet, Strawberry. Bottom row L-R: Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies & Cream. I liked the Lychee rose the best.

I turn 25! There really was enough candles… T-T

My girls.

Next day belated birthday dinner with mum at Uncle Jang @ Kota Damansara.

Mum says hi!

Kimchi, lettuce & other condiments.

Uncle Jang sells one thing and one thing only – Dakgalbi.

No make up. Soz.

Dakgalbi is not really my kinda dish. At the end it was just too oily and cloying.

Birthday cake from daddy. He has put Happy Burpday every year since I was in secondary school after I wrote it in his birthday card one year. I thought it was witty back then, hahaha.

I look really weird here but oh well!

Here’s to a better year as a 25 year-old! (Am I really that old?)