A Whole New Ball Game

Human are illogical creatures.

A weight has finally been lifted off. I know I’ve been unhappy for awhile now.

Logically, I knew what to do. Logically, I should have done it long ago. Logically, I should have held to my guns the first time around. Logically, I knew the right thing to do isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

But I’m only human after all.

Luckily for me, human are also resilient creatures.

I know I will be fine. I know it’s all in my mind. I know it will take awhile.

But hey, if I’m known for anything, it’s my ability to bounce back like a ball. And this tiny ball bounces fast! So look out!

語呂合わせ – Part 2

外人「How much?」 
外人「How much?」 

Another Japanese pun that no one will get so I’m not gonna translate. My brother immediately thought of me when he saw this and purposely saved it to show me. Think I am one of those few who appreciates puns like this. Hahahaha.









1. 我很爱在车上自拍。
2. 我的妆化来化去也只有一个样。
3. 我很自恋。但如果我不爱我,那还有谁会爱我叻?


In this world, there are many kinds of people. There is the kind who chooses to think the best of every one and everything. These are the people who would think there is a bed of roses for you, if only you choose to believe. And then there’s the kind who chooses to think the worst of every one and everything. These are the people who would think that in the bed of roses, there are thousands and thousands of thorns. So if you’re not careful, you would definitely be pricked.

I think the former are definitely gonna be a happier group of people. Yes, they may be naive, or even gullible, but going through life preparing for the absolute worst is exhausting. I should know.

And yet, I think the latter group has their own standpoint too. It helps to prevent hurt and disappointment, because when you already expect the worst, anything else is going to be a pleasant surprise.

I am prepared for the worst. I have to be strong, because if I don’t be, no one will be there to catch me when I fall. No matter what any one says, when it comes down to it, you would really just have yourself to look after yourself. Promises will be for naught, apologies will do nothing when you’re already mortally wounded.

Cynical? Yes. Pessimistic? Yes. Realistic? Definitely.

If things work out, great. Realistically, it doesn’t look too good. But I am prepared for it. When it comes down to the line, I know I’ve got my own back, and that’s all I can hope for now.


Smile. Smile every time it hurts. Smile, because when you try enough times, you would be able to convince yourself that you are okay.

Remember, no expectations, no disappointment. That has always been true, hasn’t it?

When you feel like you are not going to be okay, just remember to smile and remind yourself that you will always be okay, as long as you have yourself to hold on to.